Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blog Move will be the new home. It still has kinks, but don't we all?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

blah blah blah
I'm flirting with WordPress so if this site is not showing up, it means something is going on. I'm not sure whether I will officially switch over but I feel bad because I've had for either a year or two now without doing much with it. I couldn't deal with MT (I installed it once on a family site and swore profusely that I wouldn't do it again). WordPress, however, is a bit of a mystery to me. Although it is incredibly easy to install, I need to figure out how to personalize it more. I'm rather fond of my random headers & I don't want to walk away from all the others (used and unused) that are in storage. ...................................... It looks like we will not be babysitting tomorrow. As I halfway expected, the cousins-in-law think that subjecting our chicken-pox-exposed yet chicken-pox-vaxed son to their own son would be too dangerous. Instead, they "imported" CC's aunt (cousin's mother) from Chicago for babysitting duty. Well, that's the cynical view. I think she probably wanted some only-grandchild time. ...................................... Speaking of the importation of Nai-Nais, CC and I had rather counted on his mother coming out around the time of newbie's birth. Heck, his mother had also counted on it - she seemed to be looking forward to making chicken broth en masse. However, CC's brother seems to want to bogart her. The weirdness started up again ever since we broke the ice over Thanksgiving. MIL has been up at BIL's house (six hours from her own home) for over a month now and now BIL doesn't want to let her go. He wonders if we "really" need her. WTF? His wife is whole, healthy, hearty, and not pregnant. Apparently if MIL leaves their house, they "have" to import SIL's mother from Taiwan so couldn't we please just let MIL stay in San Jose? Again - WTF? I just do not get the difficulty or the need. WTF?